This Hub is a safe space for you to connect, share, support and vent with other like-minded teachers.

The first of its kind, our mission is to create a community where you can meet other teachers to discuss your week, your wins and your woes.

Plus, each week you will be led by experienced mentors to guide you and educate you on relevant topics as well as accessing experienced experts in education.

This Hub is your one stop shop for all the support you need to be a successful teacher, no matter what part of your teaching journey you are in.

Welcome to our

Educator Community Hub

In this space we will be providing…


Peer-to-peer connections with like-minded educators


Certificates for Professional development hours


Experts in Education sharing their knowledge on a variety of topics


A space to connect and feel supported


In person meet-ups (to come in the near future)


Small group Q&A mentoring sessions with experienced teachers

Teaching can be a lonely journey at times, so it is our aim to create a fun environment where you will feel supported, heard, inspired and motivated.

As a casual relief teacher, I have often felt isolated and unsupported in my role.

Going from school to school, you can feel like a nomad at times.

Even when you become a regular, you still feel like an outsider.

So reaching out for support, asking questions or accessing Professional Development hours has always been tricky for me.

And whilst I LOVE teaching in this capacity, at times I have felt a little outdated with current teaching trends as schools don’t often care to train up the casuals.

So, I decided to create a safe space for anyone feeling a little out of place.

Anyone feeling unsupported or uninspired.

Anyone wanting to be the best teacher they can be (whilst still having a life!)

And so, The Educator’s Hub was born!

Mentor Chats

Fortnightly Q&A’s with a mentor in your teaching area.

Experts in Education

Bringing you a variety of experts to speak on topics of interest including PD opportunities, Q&A’s and talks with inspiring educators. 

Peer Support

We will help connect you with like-minded educators to create a connected and supportive community. 

For a long time I have dreamt of a safe space, free from Facebook trolls and teachers that carry their red pens with them into their social media spaces to critique your spelling error.

I wanted to create a place where educators could congregate and share ideas, get advice from experienced mentors but most importantly, give teachers access to the inspirational experts out there paving the way in their field.

This Hub is for you if:


You want to reignite that passion that started you on this education journey.


You want to feel connected and part of a supportive community.


You want to be able to vent in a safe and supportive environment.


You want to be part of a positive change in Education.


You want to be armed with tools that they did not give you at university (but should have).


You don’t want to become a statistic of teacher burnout or quitting within the first five years.


You would love to attend some unique PD experiences that will both educate and inspire you.

I want more for our teachers and I want YOU to be a part of this movement.

Some of Our Guest Speakers!

Experts In Education

Tarun Stevens

Behaviour Management Expert
Calmer Classrooms

Gabbie Stroud

Teacher Advocate

Guy Constable

Hands on Math Experts
Learning through doing Mathematics

Melissa Georgiou

Australian Teacher in Finland

Elise Ellerman

Reading Expert
Reading Opens Doors

Zoe Lowe

Mindfulness Expert
The Dandelion Mindful Education

Amy Green

Teacher Wellness Expert
The Wellness Strategy

Lauren Brittain

EFT Expert

Kirsty Gibbs

Tutoring Expert

This Hub is all about building connections and confidence in ourselves as educators.

Different from anything else out there, we strive to bring relevant and inspiring guest speakers to present and interact with with our members.

It’s not going to be your usual “tick the box” PD sessions that usually send us to sleep.

These sessions cover a wide variety of topics from your usual behaviour management, wellbeing, reading and maths to learning about topics like the Finnish Education System, EFT tapping in the classroom, creating a school for disengaged boys and work intensification of our roles.

Each term the experts will be changing and our resource bank of recorded sessions will be growing to give you more than enough hours for your PD requirements.

And, if you know an expert you would love to see present, let us know and we will try our best to make it happen!

This Hub is built by educators for educators and will grow and evolve with our ever changing needs.

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You will be a part of developing this platform to make it the most supportive community for teachers out there.

If you want help with more engaging maths ideas, then we will find someone. Your Behaviour Management sucks? Well I’ve got the perfect guy to help you.

This community will grow to meet the needs of teachers, just like you.

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The Educator’s Hub

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